#003 - Doing User Interviews

by Ayhan K. Isaacs October 20th, 2021

I learned the hard way.

You don't want to build a product that nobody wants or is going to use.

Before engaging a no code agency and kickstarting the development process.

I need to make sure that people wanted this product.

Started to do user interviews. I spoke to everyone from account managers, investors, Founders, agency owners, customer success managers, business development/sales professionals and more. 

I wanted to get an idea of how people manage their professional relationships today. And if them missing an opportunity was...painful.

I found people are generally frustrated when it comes to professionally keeping up to date with their network. They miss the latest posts, news and important information (...like I did). 

Some use an excel sheet to keep track of the people. Some used other project management tools.

It was evident there was a gap. People wanted to stay up to date with some people but it needed to fit their workflow. Meaning they didn't really want to put in a lot of work to maintain all these relationships. Just an easy way of staying up to date.

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