#002 - Finding a No Code Agency 

by Ayhan K. Isaacs October 18th, 2021

Now an idea has been finalized.

This thing needs to be built.

I am not an expert no code developer. And I didn't want to spend months building this. I was not even sure which no code tools to use and how they would be structured etc.

Anyone who has tried hiring freelancers before knows the headaches involved. Getting an agency on board was a more difficult process than anticipated.

I filled out some forms and submitted a request to receive proposals from Agencies listed on Bubble's website.

I interviewed 30 freelancers/agencies over 2.5 weeks. I asked the following question to help me shortlist some providers.

  • Could you create a chrome extension?
  • What is your design & development process
  • What does your availability look like?
  • Who is on your team & what are their capabilities?
  • How much is the hourly rate?
  • Can you do a product discovery? If so what would that look like?
  • Do you work in an agile manner? 

I also gave context and background info around Radar. Idea was to get their thoughts and see if they understood what problem this product would be solving.

This process allowed me to narrow it down.

Fortunately was able to find one really good agency that answered the above questions.

Rodrig from Upgraded.

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