#001 - Idea Inception 

by Ayhan K. Isaacs October 4th, 2021

I wanted to build something in a no-code stack (...especially after completing ODNC). But could not figure out what to build.

I didn't want to build a product for the sake of it. But find a problem that is worth is solving with a product.

While I was looking for a problem to solve.

I stumbled upon this situation.

My team & I interviewed about 60 people for a client's podcast.

After 6 months we had to follow up with every single one of them. The goal was to see where they are and get a general update. This process took a lot of time and extremely annoying.

Once the catchups with all the individuals were done. I found out that so many updates were missed. Some went to new jobs. Some raised money. Others switched roles.

These were all potential sales opportunities!

I thought how was this missed. Because my Linkedin feed is cluttered with irrelevant updates.

I looked at a couple of options to streamline some of this. The only option I found was Linkedin Sales Navigator lists and Twitter lists. But they did not really fulfill the need.

I wanted the ability to filter my feed and see key updates from specific people. And I wanted it to be sent it to me within a few days.

After careful consideration and doing lots of research.

This was a problem worth solving.

This is how Radar was born.

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