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Clean your LinkedIn feed. Get notified when your candidates update their profile & change jobs. Or Stay in the loop of job postings direct into your inbox!

Radar Ensures You Never Miss an Opportunity


Monitor Your Key Relationships

Add clients, prospects or anyone you want to stay up to date with to Radar. And let Radar keep up with their updates and send you a rundown of their updates via email


Focus on Important Updates

Your social feeds are cluttered with irrelevant content... making you miss updates from people you actually want to know about


Easily Nurture Relationships

Get notified when your connections get a new job, receive a new round of funding or release an article. Use the Groups feature to easily organize your contacts and receive updates based on your custom grouping.


Automatically Get Notified

Let Radar work in the background and monitor your social feed for you. When an important update comes up you'll receive an update via email.


Your first 5 contacts are free! Upgrade to our Pro plan to keep more contacts on your radar.



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